A better way to do Pricing.

Tier is a single tool to configure, orchestrate and manage your entire pricing stack.


Introducing Tier CLI, the easiest way to configure and manage Stripe.

Create a pricing.json config and Tier takes care of the rest.

Get flexible control over metering, subscriptions, authorization and more.

Source of truth

Pricing plan definition is separated entirely from feature usage logic, so your code doesn't have to change when your pricing does. A single source of truth about your pricing model means that everything is kept in sync.


Tier Manages your billing engine for you. No more breaking changes or disparate data sources. Your pricing configuration is now all you need to manage.


Plans are versioned and once published can be used to create subscriptions and apply rating to usage.


Pricing updates are tested and only applied if they can be successfully accepted by your billing and metering services.


Stripe Sync

When you configure features, plans or meters Tier will configure your Stripe account. Grandparenting and Archiving are managed and changes are only applied when they can be done successfully.

Pricing Pages (coming soon)

Tier creates Plan display tables which can be used for your /pricing page, within your customer's settings, or to be displayed in specific contexts. Tier will also provide you with a json rendering of the same data.

Access Checking and Entitlements

Easily manage feature access. Tier provides you with everything you need to display only what your customer is entitled to. Go further and provide upgrade links when users show an interest in features they aren't subscribed to. Think of these like you do Feature Flags.

Test Environments

Tier comes with the `switch` command built in. Instantly create ephemeral test environments for development, preview deployments or automated testing.


Tier can handle your metering requirements transparently. The Tier metering service handles the ingestion, rollup, and shipping of your metering related events.

Subscription Management

Subscription management is fully configured by Tier.

A single source of truth.

Create your pricing.json configuration and Tier will take care of the rest. Think about it like Terraform for your pricing. Tell Tier what you want. From metering to subscriptions, with Tier it's as easy as pushing your new config.

Unmanageable complexity.

It's about more than just billing, but the complexity of charging your customers, making sure they have the right level of access, and being able to modify your pricing as needed quickly gets out of hand.

We’ve been here before.

Tier is founded by entrepreneurs who know what's at stake when it comes to pricing.

Isaac Z. Schlueter

Founder + CEO npm, inc
Acquired 2020 GitHub

Creator of npm

Maintainer of Node.js

Jevon MacDonald

Founder + CEO Manifold.co
Acquired 2020 Snyk

Founder + CEO GoInstant
Acquired 2012 Salesforce

Blake Mizerany

Founder + CEO Backplane

Creator Sinatra

First hire @ Heroku