Stripe Glossary

Jevon MacDonald
Dec 6, 2022
2 min read

Stripe Glossary

Stripe Glossary available at

Getting to know Stripe can take some time. Not only are there a lot of new concepts to learn, Stripe sometimes likes to use esoteric definitions for some things, such as "Good-better-best".

We have developed a Stripe Glossary that can be used as a reference. This is useful as you navigate Stripe's documentation and should help demystify the meaning of all these new terms you will encounter.

We will continue to update and evolve the glossary and hope it can be a useful resource for anyone who is in the process of developing their understanding of Stripe and its capabilities.

You can find the working glossary here: We welcome any suggested updates that you might have.

Here is the current list of terms, with direct links to their definitions.