An easy way to upgrade your existing customers from your old pricing plan to your new pricing plan.


Changing your pricing strategy is inevitable for your startup, and you will need a graceful strategy to upgrade your existing customer from your old pricing plan to your new one. You can make use of either our SDKs or CLI to do the migration

Migration of customers

When you create a new plan and its associated features, you can migrate your existing customers by invoking subscribe in either Tier CLI or SDK.

You can write a script that will enable you to upgrade all your existing customers using the subscribe() method. => {
	await tier.subscribe(`org:${}`,
		features: 'plan:plan-id' // or it can be an array of feature-ids,

You can do similar scripting using Tier CLI as well by invoking the subscribe command.

tier subscribe <org> [plan|featurePlan]...

Advanced takeaway

You can always make use of the versioning of plans in smarter ways to allow customers to remain in your older plans while you experiment with a new plan for new customers.