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await tier.subscribe(
  "plan:plan-id@version" // or it can be an array of feature-ids,


Explore how to setup pricing with Tier and wire it up with your application in a few minutes


  • Build pricing models and sync with Stripe.
  • Integrate SDK, initiate subscription / checkout, check for entitlements, and report usage.
  • Show pricing table and render customer billing portal.

Create pricing model

Use our model builder to create your pricing plan, with the right features & entitlements.

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Initiate subscription

Enable users to select a plan and create a stripe checkout flow to make payment.

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Check feature access

Hide or display features to your customer based on their current subscription plan.

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Render pricing table

Create a pricing page for your marketing page and also to upsell other plans.

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Report feature usage

Wire up your app to report a feature usage by an feature entitled customer.

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Explore Tier

Subscription & billing

A range of resources to implement pricing page, subscriptions & billing.

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Utilities that automatically handle and manage customers on your older pricing plan.

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Entitlements & access

Simple functions to check usage, restrict access to features and prompt upgrades.

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Add capability to report usage of features in your application and prompt actions.

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