Tier CLI

tier [flags] < command > [< arguments >]

The commands are:

  • tier connect - Authorize the Tier client to access your Stripe account with a restricted key. Note that this may be overridden by the STRIPE_API_KEY environment variable.
  • tier switch - Use (or create) a Stripe Connect account.
  • tier ls - List features and plans pushed to Stripe.
  • tier report - Report usage of a feature.
  • tier push [<filename>] - Create plans in Stripe based on a pricing.json file.
  • tier limits - List a provided org's limits and usage.
  • tier phases - Display the phases in an org subscription schedule.
  • tier serve - Run the Tier sidecar API
  • tier subscribe - Create or modify a org subscription.
  • tier clean - Remove objects from Stripe Test Mode accounts.
  • tier version - Display the version of Tier in use.
  • tier pull - Fetch all plans in Stripe, and format in a pricing.json.
  • tier whoami - Show the currently logged in Stripe account.
  • tier whois - Get the Stripe customer ID for an org.