tier clean

tier clean <flags>

Clean removes objects from Stripe Test Mode accounts. It can be used with a cron job to keep your test accounts clean.

The -switchaccounts flag, takes a duration as its value and causes clean to remove connected Stripe accounts created by the switch command. Accounts are only considered for removal if they were created by the switch command, older than the provided duration of time specified in the flag, and exist in Test Mode. The duration may be an integer representing seconds, or a duration string such as "1h30m". The default duration is -1 which disables the cleaning of accounts.


tier clean -switchaccounts 1h   # remove all switch accounts older than 1 hour
tier clean -switchaccounts 730h # remove all switch accounts older than 30 days
tier clean -switchaccounts 0    # remove all switch accounts
tier clean -switchaccounts -1   # nop